Friday, March 21, 2008

Reunited - Makes Me Feel So Good

Oh. My. Lands.
My ears are still ringing.  Between the The Girl and her friend Bailey laughing and singing and playing and then The Boy and Bailey having a few tickle wars, my senses were on overload, especially since it's been so calm around the house for the past week.
I knew I missed the little critters, but it's always amazing how much my heart leaps when I see them after a long visit.  It really makes me want to cry with sadness from the depth of realization that I've longed for their hugs and then tears of joys that I get to have that sadness immediately removed.  Last night was such a wonderful time to meet, greet and eat... and then pile into the various cars for a 2 hour drive home.

On the way home they kept saying how tired they were.  (They had been up late all week long and it was really catching up to them.)  But because we're mean, we made them stay awake the entire time.  Hey, I wanted them to go to bed when they got home!  But wouldn't you know it?   They perked right up when they saw the new addition in the garage!  They opened every door and crawled into the backseat as if they were ready for another trip.  We'll give them a ride in it sometime later.

Oh, it's good to have the family back together again!  As much as we longed for the couple time, it's always so nice to have the daily squirmishes in the background to seal our love.

Oh and with all the car stuff that we had been through on our "romantic break from the kids" (HA!), I've been meaning to share with you the news about our office.

Look at these... 

In addition to preparing a house and looking for new wheels, I've been packing up our office. Not just my stuff, but all the items in our copier space and just yesterday, I had the good news that I was also packing up my boss' office. Joy oh joy. This is the same man that doesn't want anyone to touch his stuff. I'm not kidding. He's a little OCD when it comes to fingerprints, natural body oils and just his stuff in general. Wanna mess with his mind? Go in and ever-so-slightly alter the position of a picture either on his desk or on the wall. It will drive him nuts until he gets everything back in order. (Not that I've done that, mind you... It's all just a hypothetical guess. Oh look, something shiny!)

Come Monday, they'll all be in a new office. Yeah, baby!!! This move has come so quickly (not really, but with the car thing, it seems really fast); I'm going to have new walls beginning next week. Oh, I can't wait! No more wall of uncovered windows. No more misdirected traffic. No more 14 steps to walk to the office door. (Hey, that's actually bad... I need that exercise. Well, having a large, shared parking lot will make up for it.) Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of my new digs on Monday.

As it's almost Easter, I wish you all the joy of knowing our Savior who died on a day like today for all of our sins. Even if you don't believe it, it still happened just the same. You think this thought is amazing? Just wait two days from now when that same man came back to life and brought redemption to this world. Now that's amazing.

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