Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WFMW - Father's Day Idea

Did y'all realize that Father's Day is this weekend?


Now I know how Mr. Right felt when I mentioned Mother's Day gift ideas and he had this blank look on his face...

I told him that I'm getting him a house for Father's Day. Do you think he'll buy it?

With Dad's Day quickly approaching (June 15th by the way), I've decided to take him to one of his favorite places: Outback. He'll be able to have a wonderful steak without the work of grilling it!

Did you know that Outback is running a special offer? If you bring your husband, father, etc. to Outback on June 15, they'll receive a $10 certificate valid on their next visit. So basically, they'll give me $10 to eat there. Bonus!

How it works is: Dad’s (or let's face it, Mom's will wind up doing it as they do most of the tasks around the house) will need to need to activate the certificate online at (Note: link will launch during the weekend of Father's Day) where in addition to activation, they’ll automatically be entered in an online sweepstakes to win a $100 gift card when they enter the promo code found on the bottom of the $10 certificate. The certificate can be used at any Outback location from June 18th– July 20th with the minimum purchase of $25.

You can learn more about this promotion and some of Outback’s new menu items by visiting their site. They'll explain anything that I neglected to put in the post.

So free money definite works for me. If you win the $100 certificate, I only ask that you send me a Blooming Onion as a thank you gift.

Head on over to Shannon's place for some other great ideas!

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