Thursday, July 10, 2008

Techy Two-Step

Well, you know it had to happen sooner or later. Work is not work without another technological problem for me to submit to our help desk. Here's my most recent submission.

Doing the old two-step to Brad Paisley
Impaired [Customer - Shalee

Now I know I can't dance. Never could, probably never will. But the way that I'm having to two-step around the internet by getting access to it is wearing me out! But hey, I'm catching the rhythm a bit! You should see me move to Brad Paisley's song "Online"...

Please. I'm such a white girl from the South. The best I can do is to do a knee-jerk move that really makes me look as if I have epilepsy set to music. Would someone please stop the music and allow me to get on the net without all this movin' and groovin'? Because it is not a pretty sight when I step on the dance floor. I'm better at being a wallflower.

I received an email not only from the Regional IT Manager, telling me "I LOVE IT!" (which you all know is pure excitement in the IT world), but I also received a call from the area's IT personel who called to complain that someone beat him to the request first. That's the way you want your IT department: fighting over you.

The problem was fixed in no time. My dancing? Not so much...


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