Thursday, June 26, 2008

First No Cake, Then No Gas

Though I have completely forgiven Mr. Right for his lack of chocolate cake etiquette, I found that I was having a really rough time forgetting the perfectly good chocolate cake. (Mr. Right, however, was doing just fine though. You should have heard him laughing over the post and over the comments!)

I even pulled a Fiddledeedee and retrieved the container from the trash can. However, when as coffee grounds were falling onto the floor, I kept thinking, "Phooey, why didn't I think of this before making coffee." So the cake remained in its resting place... which is probably better than where it would have eventually rested on me in the long run.

I should make a pendant out of that thought. "Here lies a resting place for many great foods." Think it will catch on?

Anyway, to make up for the Chocolate Cake Fiasco 2008, Mr. Right was going to make me dinner. Steaks, grilled onions, salads - the works. He seasons the steaks, cuts the onions, dices salad fixings, lights the gas grill... except it won't light. We're out of gas on the grill.

Here's our dilemma: We move to our new place in three weeks. (That reminds me: I keep forgetting to put on this blog! Gah! I'll get a picture up one day...) It is a natural gas house which means that the furnace is run on gas, the fireplace has a gas starter and (this is my favorite part) it has a gas line which runs to the back porch where we can hook up our gas grill.

So do we buy a new gas container which will be sure to last us the entire summer and fall or do we go without our favorite way to eat our way through summer for three weeks and use the stove?

Here's a hint: Mr. Right can cook a mean dinner in a pan. It was delicious.

(But it would have been perfect if the dinner were finished off with cake.)


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