Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Many Adventures... If Only In My Mind

I just made a short list of things that I would love to do this summer.

See Mt. Rushmore
Attend SheSpeaks
Purchase all new towels
Pay off one student loan
Hike the Rockies
Visit an Amish community and buy lots of homemade breads, veggies and various items
Take the kids to Disneyland
Spend a weekend boating on a lake
Buy a stainless steel trash can (sheeze-louise! Those things are expensive!)
Take Mr. Right to a concert
Relax for a week in Mexico
Spend time with several bloggers
Go to Memphis for some out-of-this-world BBQ
Visit family
Eat Chinese from my favorite Chinese restaurant almost every day

However, all these things take money that I either don't have or can't spend right now.

What would you do this summer if money weren't in the way? Or if you'd rather, what are you going to do this summer? Just because we're not going anywhere, that doesn't mean that I can't live vicariously through you...


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