Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed - Gratituesday 11

It's time for a little shout out to the Lord, so you know that it must be Gratituesday, where one can be vocally thankful for something in life.

Last week, I had begged for votes because I'm nothing if not shameless. As a result of the An Island Life poll, I was not picked Most Likely To Succeed. However, when the winning blog is named Praying For Parker, I find that I don't mind taking backseat to a site that is giving everything to God.

Hello?! Diner vs. Prayer? Prayer trumps anything that I could serve up.

I can honestly say that it was a pleasure just to be named.

Not winning isn't necessary a bad thing. I have a renewed energy with the blog. It was so encouraging to hear from others about how much they enjoyed the blog or, more importantly, me. You guys are good for my soul. And there is a sense of joy in knowing that someone out there thought enough about this blog that they anonymously threw my name in the hat.

That makes me smile from ear to ear.

So I'm thankful right now that I didn't win the poll because I know overall that I'm still in the company of some mighty fine women and men who like me with or without a title. Plus with the win would have come some good disciplining from God. I'm sure I would have swelled with pride a time or 22 just thinking about it.

(And really, I could do without the pressure of having to live up to that category. I'm gonna fail left and right for the rest of my life... and it's all good.)

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