Thursday, June 12, 2008

Endless Summer Nights

So… it’s awfully quiet around here. Yesterday the kids left to go live at the House of Fun, aka Grandma’s house. (Grandpa lives there too, but he’s not in on the ownership gig. He’s just the man who gives hugs, ice cream and drives them to McDonald’s whenever they feel like going out for the “World’s Best Fries” – that’s how the kids feel about them anyway… oh heck, that’s how I feel about them too. Anyway, Grandpa’s nice to have around, but Grandma is the big draw.)

So we did what any red-blooded American couple would do in our circumstances: we went to look at Macy’s Biggest One Day Sale of the Year. Because we’re wild and crazy like that. We like to throw caution to the wind and shop for new kitchen towels or a new trashcan without the kids. Heck, we might even buy a new kitchen rug!

What? You wouldn’t have done the same thing? Hmmm. Go figure. Well, we’re buying a house and we need some things, so why not get them at the Biggest One Day Sale of the Year in the Entire History of Mankind. That was such a huge buildup for a non-event. Even their sales need sales to make the items buyable.

Anyway, it was lovely to walk the aisles, holding hands and looking for ways to spend my gift card that I got for Christmas 2 years ago. (I know. I know. It's just further proof that I have no business being in a store.) No kids whining about wanting to leave. No telling them to keep their hands to themselves. Just nice, relaxing stroll through the store where we bought a Martha Stewart spice rack and a spoon rest.

You know, it's amazing how much I know I can live without after walking through Macy's. We had the hardest time coming up with something we would want to buy there. Even on sale, the towels were entirely too expensive, the rugs were pricey and the kitchen ware offered nothing that grabbed our attention. (That was probably because we had everything that we would want from there: Calphalon, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart coffee pot). Most of it was impractical items that looked nice on the shelf, but would bring buyers remorse once we brought it home.

We came home to an empty house. Well, almost empty. Tenni the cat was trolling for some love. Knowing that the house had been empty most of the day, I felt sort of sorry for her. Only sort of, though. She is a cat after all and one that loves to ignore you whenever she feels like it (which is always, unless she wants a scratch behind the ears.) Other than that it was shhh everywhere.

What to do with ourselves?

  1. Ate a quiet dinner at home (potato skins and wedge salad)

  2. Watched The Bourne Supremacy

  3. Ate ice cream openly, rather than under cover

  4. Slept nekked, just as we did pre-kids

Woo hoo! Hey, maybe this “kids are gone” thing isn’t so bad after all.

I’ll keep telling myself until we go to see them this weekend, only because they’re missing us so much by then. (shuddup)

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