Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Reason For God Not Letting Me Attend She Speaks

I find that I’m wimbly-wambly sometimes. I want what I want, and it’s usually well after not getting a “Yes” from God that I find out the reasons he said “No.”

I thought I knew the soul reason for my not attending She Speaks: We’re buying a house and the money that would have been used for travel is being used for down payment.

But it seems that God has another reason too.

We’ve just found out that my father-in-awe will have an unexpected heart bypass at 6 AM on Friday morning. We’re packing now to make the run back up to their house so that we can be there for the surgery and to take care of the kids. I foresee a weekend of cooking and cleaning to help make this time as easy as possible for them all. I think another cooking class or two for The Girl is in perfect order too.

See? If I had been at She Speaks, I either would have had my thoughts divided between the sessions and this surgery (and guilt over not going to be with them) or I would have lost all the money invested because I did decide to stay home. That’s a lose-lose situation by all accounts. So God, in his infinite wisdom, yet again proved why Father knows best.

I know that many of you will be gone, but would you mind saying some prayers for us? Please pray for our safety in travels and also for my father-in-awe to come through the surgery with flying colors. The doctors are giving a survival rate in the high 90’s%, but I’d rather have 100% from the one who made his sweet heart in the first place.

Oh, and would you mind throwing in a prayer of praise on my behalf as well? Today I also received a call from my doctor who told me that it’s official: I don’t have cervical cancer. (I didn’t think I did, but it’s nice to know that modern technology is backing me up.) So WOO HOO! It’s nice to have that off my plate. I’m just really happy that God let me know quickly the answer that prayer.

Thank you so much in advance.

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