Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before and After 2008

I wrote the bottom portion of this post yesterday before we heard about my father-in-awe. I thought I had scheduled it to auto-post, but evidently, it's still up on the computer at home. I guess that when you pack and leave in less than 20 minutes, you're bound and determined to forget a thing or 20. At least I remembered underwear.

I'd like to take a moment to say that you all are a balm to my soul and a joy in my heart. Your sweet words... Sometimes I think God invented blogging just for a moments that make me stop and realize that his creations are good - you are very good.

We made it here after midnight last night, crashed for a few hours and then took The Boy to camp this morning for his first taste of summer camp. He was not looking forward to it at all! However, by the time we left, he was smiling and playing games with the other kids. I have a feeling he won't be thrilled when we try to bring him home on Saturday. :o)

We take Ron to the hospital stinkin' early in the morning - 4 AM early. All I can say is that I'm really happy that we're morning people around here and I'm even happier that there's a Starbucks on the way. That hour drive won't seem nearly as long with caffeine in my veins.

Now back to the original post...

So Ms. Boomama has a wonderful idea of listing some things that we would like to get done this summer because she thinks that the whole world knowing our list would help us get things… well, done. It’s all about accountability.


Now, being an Executive Assistant and all, you’d think I’d have the whole “If it needs to be done, leave it with me and I’ll see that it’s done” mentality. If you’re talking Work, then yes – I’ll get it done. If you’re talking home repairs or to-do lists when there is sunshine to enjoy, books to be read and ice cream to consume, well – I just wouldn’t hold your breath.

In order to have you hold me accountable, I hereby declare my list to my Interwebby friends.

  • Get Mr. Right to bring me coffee in bed.

  • Set the coffee maker to brew before I get up.

  • Find a new hairstyle and then actually get it done.

  • Pack up my present home.

  • Move to new home.

  • Put everything in its place in new home.

  • Find a stainless steel trash can at a price that will not make me cry.

  • Buy new kitchen towels and washcloths.

  • Lunch with a few of blogging friends in town.

  • Find new lamps for family room (which has NO ceiling lights).

  • Go to a concert with Mr. Right.

  • Add several to-be-read books to my reading list because I’m tapping out.

  • Celebrate our 16th anniversary because it's on July 24th.

Now these may not seem all that big of a deal to you, but to me, they’re things that I’ve needed to do for a while, especially that first one. I mean 4-6 are biggies, but the rest you might think “What’s the big deal?” But dadgumit! Some of them are tough around here.

I keep waking way before Mr. Right, so it’s been a no go on that one for a while.

And I can’t tell you how long I’ve tried to find a new style. And once I do, my hair gets all nicey-nicey on me again and I think, “I won’t cut it just yet, I’ll wait.” Then I loose picture of said cut and then my hair starts acting all wacky again. It’s vicious! But as a bonus, Mr. Right is enjoying my long hair for a while…

Oh, and that #6? That’s a doozy right there. Every time we’ve moved (and as all our friends can attest, it has been many), I’ve had the house in order within a week. Of course it helps that the kids have been at Grandma’s house when we’ve moved. But my goal is to have everything in order, including their rooms. We usually work our tails off until some friends convince us that it’s better to stop and eat and then we leave it for a while. We really like those kinds of friends.

And #9 will be done if I can convince Maggie, Jules and Addie that they have time for me in the next month. But sometimes it’s tough in the summertime. We’ll see… I’ve been asking Jules for over a year now and I have a feeling she’s either busy out the wazoo or she doesn’t like me. I sure hope it’s not the latter one!

#11 isn’t such a challenge unless you remember all the ones that deal with the house… then you’ll see that there’s not much to work with the concert funds.

Alright, that’s my list and I’m stickin’ to it… I hope.

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