Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oxymorons - Gratituesday 12

It's time for a little shout out to the Lord, so you know that it must be Gratituesday, where one can be vocally thankful for something in life.

Let me honest: I love that the kids are away at Grandma's all summer. It's a joy to us for so many more reasons than sleeping naked again.

Mr. Right and I have had opportunities to laugh, cry, play, and work in situations that may not have been possible were the kids here. It's like a two month long date that doesn't have to end at the stroke of midnight. It's down right fabulous and a blessing that we know not every parent has. Having a chance to reconnect now gives us a treasure to look forward to having when the kids leave not for Grandma's house, but for life.

On the other hand, I have to be honest: I miss the kids like crazy. I miss their hugs, their tears, their arguing, their laughter, the essence that makes them them. I miss their innocence and wonder. I miss them. Absence does make my heart grow fonder for them (if that's even possible.)

One thing that I love about their being gone is that we actually do a lot more talking when they're away (or so it seems). We talk on the phone, packages are sent and we email each other, which gives us opportunities to bond (that might not happen were they to be here.) The Girl sent me a meme-type of email where she answers questions about herself. I loved it! It was telling of who I think she is and, more importantly, who she thinks she is.

And my favorite answer she gave is this one:

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? i don't like bugs and stones would hurt

I'd like to say that she makes me feel young, but that's not always the case... I think I need to give The Girl a music lesson or two.

Head on over to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers to see some other ways that people are thankful for their not-so-little things.

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