Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Being a Child at Heart Works for Me

God must really want me to learn some things this week. I really feel pricked at my heart about truly being like a child. I’ve a few more insight about being a kid that I’ve been learning this week from my greatest instructors (after my Father, of course) – my kids. This being “present with my kids” thing that Pezmama talks about is really teaching me more than just slowing down and listening.

I’ve learned that to play brings joy. Monday night I jumped on the trampoline with the kids the first time they asked me to join them. Did you know that you can’t help but laugh and feel lighter when you play with no expectations? We were cracking ourselves up with all the games we were making up. We were all shiny eyes and full of energy and life before we had to go in for dinner. And often when you play, it is good to invite others to join in. Really, sometimes more really is merrier.

I’ve been reminded that being first is not my ultimate goal. It is playing the game that matters. Doesn't matter if I win or lose; it’s that I took the time to enjoy the fellowship of others and had fun in the meantime.

Everyday is a new day, despite what happened the day before. Our son had another bad day at school where he made some wrong choices when he felt frustrated. (We were consistent with his consequences!) But this morning when he awoke, he was as happy as a clam with no thoughts to what happened yesterday. The slate was clean. He was able to forget it and go on. What a joy to be able to learn from experience and then to leave the guilt/shame behind.

I’ve learned that when I play in the world, I will get dirty. And sometimes when I take a bath, it takes a bit more scrubbing to get clean. But boy, do I feel fresh coming out of that cleansing time! I’m like that with God. He cleans me often in the bath of His Grace. Sometimes He scrubs places that I don’t want to be cleaned or places that I didn’t even know were dirty – belly button or behind my ears. But I always feel better when He is done, making me feel fresh and shiny and ready to take on the world.

When you are a child, sometimes you crawl. Sometimes it is the only mode of movement that you can handle at times. But even when you crawl you are going somewhere. It won’t be long before you will be running again.

Sometimes children fall. And sometimes it hurts... a lot. But a hug from your parent can make the pain disappear. And everything will be better from then on. God is always kissing our boo-boos away. He is always ready to hug and tell me that everything will be okay. And that makes me forget the pain and to go out again.

Lastly, I realized that my kids never doubt that I will be there to take care of them. They intuitively know that there will be food to eat, there will be a bed at night, there will be clothes for them in the morning. They never question these things. They trust that all these things (and more) will be there for them. I need that same trust in my Father, that He will provide all my needs and often my wants too. And He does it all with a generous and cheerful heart. That alone should make me sleep soundly through the night!

So my encouragement today is to live each day as a child. See how much happier your spirit is and how much more zest for life you will have.


Now for my Works for Me idea: (Per my wonderful mother-in-awe)

My son loves legos. He loves building and creating new monsters, vehicles, places, etc. But sometimes he is searching for just the right piece. Since we kept all the pieces in on big box, he would dig for lengths of times to find the right block.

So we bought a fishing tackle box. It has several trays and it comes with dividers for the tray. Now he has all of his pieces sorted by shape, color and sizes. Since it comes with a carrier, he can move it to all parts of the house, working beside me if I’m reading, build things outside in the sunshine or carry it when we are on the go.

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