Thursday, December 21, 2006

These are NOT my children

Because my children would be selfish and self-centered just like me and ask for the world for Christmas.

However, these children who are living in my home have blown me away with their requests to Santa.

My daughter's list
  • a pineapple
  • tangerines
  • chewy granola bars (chocolate chips or s'mores)
  • a jumprope
  • a huge Hershey's bar
  • a sled
  • shoes
  • vitamins (gummy type)
  • pj's
  • gift card to B & N, Wal-mart or TJ Maxx
  • funny face glasses (Chili would be so proud!)
  • any arts and crafts
  • a mountain bike
  • a gameboy game (doesn't matter if it's used)

Do you see how many things are really affordable on this list? And what child asks for vitamins?! So not my child!

My son's list

  • vitamins (gummy worms)
  • transformer
  • 1st grade workbooks
  • bouncy ball
  • sidewalk chalk
  • shoes
  • kiwis
  • grapes
  • pears
  • chewy granola bars (peanut butter with chocolate chips)
  • hula hoop
  • chocolate
  • Veggie Tales CD
  • a gameboy game (any kind)
  • books
  • pogo stick
Can you see the theme here? My kids are asking for fruit and granola bars and vitamins from Santa! You would think that I never feed these kids or that they never get these things normally...

Perhaps I (and my pocketbook) should just be extremely grateful that these children take after their father in more ways than one...

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