Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WFMW - Super Easy Super Bowl Pizza

Now anyone who knows me knows that I love me some football.  I love watching.  I love making calls.  I love yelling loudly enough that the team can here me from my living room.  

I coulda been a contenda... if I were a boy.  Stupid boys' club sport.  Hmph.  I can't even make it as a ref.  

Yes, I have issues.  But they really have nothing to do with this post.  So let's move on, shall we?

And if you're bummed, like me, that your team didn't make it to the final game of the season (sniff... final game!), then let me show you some stinkin' easy ways to showcase your favorite team(s) during the Super Bowl.  Your team might not be at the Super Bowl, but that's no reason they can't be at your party!

Just in time for the biggest pizza eating day of the year, Boboli has created some wonderfully easy pizzas for you to serve to all the fans.  They've created one recipe for each of the NFL teams and gave them fun names to boot.  Even if you know nothing about football, you can impress your mate with your football terminology!

Using Boboli crusts and Boboli sauce on two of the pizzas, my family made 4 different types of pizza and had I had all the ingredients when we started, I would say that all told, it would have taken us 30 minutes to make all four.  But that's just crazy talk, assuming that I would have all the necessary ingredients on hand.  So if you throw in the 45 minute trip to Walmart, where I waited in line for 25 minutes to check out (NOT A TYPO), then it took us more like an hour and 15 minutes to get it all done.  But here is where we're going to assume that a) you're more prepared than me or b) your Walmart has all lines open on a busy Saturday at noon.

We had to make the Indianapolis "Interception" Pizza (good old pepperoni, green peppers and onions), 

our Arizona "First Down" Fiesta Pizza (refried beans, taco meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole - YUM!)

our Cleveland's "Bootleg" Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (sauce with hamburger meat, real bacon bits, onions, dill pickles and cheddar cheese (my personal favorite),

and last, but not least, Washington's "In Bounds" American Apple Pie (oh my lands...  it was so good, I thought I might have to give up my apple pie... almost - sweetened cream cheese with sliced Granny Smith apples, brown sugar and cinnamon)  

On my personal "I'm letting go of  my angst against the Patriot's cheaterhead ways", I looked up the New England pizza.  There's no way on earth I'm forgiving them enough to eat a clam bake pizza.  I can forgive them, but I don't have to root for them and I don't have to eat their fair.  Yuck.

You can hit the Boboli.com for all the recipes if you're so inclined or you can go wild.  It's yourc call.

Oh, and as a last note, I made them all on the Whole Wheat Pizza Crusts.  I wasn't sure of it when I got them, but we're doing what we can to eat a bit better.  Seriously, no one in the family could tell a difference.  They were all just so delicious!  So now you have a choice in crust if you want one.

Hope y'all have a great time at your Super Bowl party, or if you're not a football fan (freak!), might I suggest a movie?  It's a perfect time since everyone else will be watching the game.  But don't see Alvin and the Chipmunks, whatever you do... trust me on that one.  That movie so did not work for me.

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