Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can She Get A Little Help Here?

My friend Susan the lurker wants to hijack my blog because she has a simple request for any of you peeps out there. Please post a comment so that she can come up with something for the group.

I attend a small neighborhood bible study and we are currently in search of
a new study to do. You seem to have a bead on Christian mom blogs and I thought
some of them would be able to suggest a new study book or author. We are just a
handful of overworked, interdenominational moms. We aren't looking for anything
as in depth as BSF, CBS, Beth Moore or the like because some of us are already
involved in similar studies. Just something we could read and discuss over
coffee to encourage one another as fellow Christians.

That's it. Do any of you have any suggestions for her?

I recommend Blue Like Jazz because it's easy to read, fun to contemplate and crosses so many different "religious" barriers with the love of Christ pushing it along the way.

What say you?

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