Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Five For Five

No, don't start looking for a sale. It's not that kind of 5 for 5 deals, unless you want a slice of that fantastic pie from yesterday. I'd sell you one of thse for a fiver, for sure. But knowing me, I'd feel too guilty about it and just give you the piece of pie as an act of friendship. It's much better that way.

PastorMac's Ann over at It's Always A Production (ain't that the truth!) tagged me with little meme. So here goes.

1) Five Minutes to yourself. How would you spend them ideally? Well ideally I should say reading, but seeing how I usually get at least an hour to myself every morning because I wake up so stinkin' early, I'm going to step outside that box and list other things that I would like to do, such as (but in no way limited to!):

  • talking with Lauren
  • laughing with Jeana
  • sitting on the beach with my mom
  • chatting with Gina
  • flying with f-stop
  • scarfing a Hawaiian pizza with AggieJenn
  • getting fall tips from GiBee
  • drinking a mocha breve with Bekah
  • receiving a lip gloss lesson from Kelsey
  • making lasagna with Addie
  • tracking down Stacey
  • talking books with Susanne
  • eating Cold Stone with Shannon and Chilihead
  • looking at clouds with Kate
  • vacationing with Kim
  • cooking with Willson
  • viewing tattoos with Kathryn
  • hugging Lori
  • getting to know Scribbit
  • making a shake for Laurel
  • playing Uno with my kids
  • eating pie with BooMama
  • sitting with momrn2 watching the deer in her yard
  • conversing with Shayne
  • reading a love letter from Mr. Right
  • savoring wine with Antique Mommy
  • receiving a call telling me that someone just gave us money to pay off the student loans

2) Five Dollars to spend right now. How or where would you spend it?

I would save it for the We Wanna Meet weekend coming up in just 17 days. I have a feeling that I did not save enough for all the food, fun and festivities that have been planned...

3) Five Items in your house you could part with right now?

  • my dust collection
  • the two chairs in the front room that Mr. Right had to have
  • the wallpaper in our masterbath (came with the house)
  • lima beans (blech)
  • the bills (as in "Pay me!" bills not the bills that are actual cash... wait, I don't have any of the latter in my house so it's not a big problem)

4) Five Items in your house you absolutely, positively could never part with?

  • Mr. Right
  • my girl
  • my boy

That's really all I can name. All the rest is just stuff. It would be rather inconvenient to lose anything, but as long as I had my family, we could make the rest work (after the tears about losing everything else, that is.)

*After creating this post, I went home to find the freezer door open with some food partially thawed. I kept reminding myself that it's just stuff, that I really meant what I wrote, that everything is okay in the long run, that God will replace that food... So I did mean what I wrote, I just had to talk myself into the truth of it. I just wish that God didn't have to give me such an expensive reminder. But for now, we'll be eating chicken or pork for a couple of days. Mr. Right barbequed some last night and I forsee some chops in our future. Sigh. But at least we have food. Thank you God. I'm really not whining; I'm just feeling the truth of the words.

5) Five Words (or phrases in my case) you love?

  • "Hey love" (from Mr. Right - he almost always answers my calls with these words)
  • "Mom"
  • "I love you" (especially from the family, but certainly not limited to them)
  • "You look great!" (from anyone - really I'm not that picky who says it)
  • "Hey, I just found $20 in my coat. Let's go to Fortune Wok or Chick-fil-A!"

Okay, I'm tagging a few to see how they'll reply: Scribbit, momrn2, kpjara, Aggiejenn and Laurel Wreath

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