Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mirling Heather

That would be a great title for a movie...

Well, what can I say. Heather and I didn't get along.

Well... except for the time that we chatted all the way to my house. I didn't feel as if I were driving with someone I didn't know; I felt as if I were driving with a old friend.

And then there's the time that we laughed during dinner - like the whole time - while quoting While You Were Sleeping lines. A lot of time was spent laughing at my kids who were pulling out some great one liners. Of course I can't remember any of them...

Or when she asked if she could help with making the apple pie only to find out that she's not really a whiz in the deseeding apples area. I don't think pies are one of her fortes... "It doesn't matter what they look like; they'll still taste good!"

Also we talked, talked, talked while sitting out on the back deck, enjoying the divine spring weather. She's pretty good at holding a conversation with a mom who is constantly being bombarded with "Look at me Mom!", "Come play with me Mom!" or "Mom, did you know that in Star Wars Legos 2 that..." (here you fill in any question and invaritably my answer would be "Uh... No, honey.") That girl is good at keeping track is all I'm saying.

And we talked about fellow bloggers we wish we could meet or the ones we have met. That list was long, too long for my comfort. I'm determined to rectify that situation if I can.

We got along pretty well when I understood Heather to be an American Idol fan and told her that we'll have to watch it in our messy bedroom (where we're remodeling our bathroom) because that's the tv that has the antenna and she, without batting an eye, agreed to watch the show while sitting on our bed. On our way up there, Mr. Right remembered that we can move the antenna (duh!), so we all traipsed down to the basement where we couldn't get a signal for some reason - so we decided to head back to the bedroom only to have Mr. Right find the signal as we headed up the stairs. I said that we got our exercise for the evening and she was a-okay with that.

Plus, she has excellent taste in evaluating music. We agreed on every criticism of the performances, clothing and selection of who should go home. (We missed the first 3 performers, so we couldn't comment on their presentations.) And we had the same "What?!" expressions when the judges totally messed up on their evaluation on Jordin. (She did okay, but y'all - her notes were flat in several places and the register was too far of a jump for her in a few places. It, contrary to what each of the judges said, was not her best performance. And just for the record: I like her. So there. Oh and Haley - I thought it was ironic that the Randy pointed out that she forgot her words (Paula did too) only to have Paula later say, "No matter what, go on like nothing like that happened. The audience won't know!" Ummm, Paula - we didn't know that she forgot them until THE JUDGES pointed it out... She did a great job of covering her memory loss; I thought she had a lovely performance as the song very well matched her personality and character. Oh, and Haley's potato sack with a big ribbon did not work for her. If that's fashionable, then I choose to remain out of style. I liked Phil's performance. He seemed very comfortable singing his song and his performance was believable. Gina did a good job with her selection. The song fit her stage presence - lively, rebellious and a fighter. I did agree that she seemed to be shouting her words at time. Stephanie looked fabulous with her choice of ensemble, even if she needed a clothespin for the top as we were all getting an eyeful of her breastage after her performance! We got an eyeful, but not the earful that was needed. Her voice sounded beautiful, but the song was booooorrrring. When she finished, I thought "That's it?" She'll have to make better choices in her song selections be known on that stage. Blake, well the boy should just leave the classic as a classic and be voted off, but as Heather pointed out, he is a Justin Timberlake wanna-be, so I think he'll stay for a little longer. Chris had the most "get up and dance" performance, but even though he chose a perfect song for himself, he still looked like a Star Search contestant rather than an AI winner. We heard LaKisha as well, but I have got to tell you, although her performance was soulful, resonant and beautiful, her lisp kept getting in the way of my enjoyment. I cannot see her being the AI winner because of that one "flaw". And we missed the best performance... sigh. Melinda did wonders from what we understood from Mr. Right. At least we got to hear the recap and it was spine-tingling from what little we heard. Couldn't say the same for the other two... And unfortunately for us, we did hear Sanjaya. Someone please put us out of our misery and get the boy off tv. A singer he is not!!! Not that I have any kind of opinions about these things.)

Oh, and I definitely liked her when we found out that the oven was on too high of a temperature and the pie was slightly more brown than it should have been. (I burnt the pie, y'all! I. Burnt. The. Pie! Oh sweet mercy, that has never happen before and for the love of all that is good and delicious, I hope it never happens again because the stench was awful!!) Okay, in reality the pie was by no means ruined, but I quickly shaved off some of the browner parts of the crust (Sob!!! Oh, goodbye sweet crust! I shall miss your flakiness and your thick crunchiness!). When Heather came up from the basement, I told her what had happened, and she looked at me and sheepishly confessed that she liked it more done. I just started laughing and told her it was too bad... she had to eat the shaved pie. (Which was fabulous, I must say! Couldn't taste a burnt piece anywhere. Whew.) And she likes coffee, so that was a plus for the evening.

Also we both kept singing Diana Ross songs after AI... and neither of us cringed at the sudden outbursts of song. And when I said that she was forced to be in a picture with me, she bucked the thought, but really she had no say. I had the car keys and I knew how to use them to my advantage. We took a few, but the first two make me look so dorky, I refuse to post them. I will show you the good one though...

Note to self: Get a haircut, don't make a pie while wearing black, get rid of that shirt, posture(!) and for goodness sake, start working out if you're going to insist on eating said pies! Nothing like a picture of yourself in all your glory to have reality smack you in the face...

And when taking her home, I started talking to this poor driver who was giving me all sorts of frustrated hand movements (nothing offensive - just visible frustations) because I needed to go straight when she chose to stop and to block the street on which I needed to travel. She had ample time to turn (I was backing out of my driveway when she approached the turn a good distance from my house but for some reason she decided to wait), but she wasn't thrilled when I decided to go. I said, "Well go then lady; don't be mad at me because you didn't turn!" Looking over to Heather, I remarked, "Ummm, yeah... I talk to the other drivers." Then she started laughing, stating that she does the same thing. Thus we talked all the way back to her hotel.

Oh, and I made the remark that if she were free tonight, I'd love to have her over again. We'll be working around the house, but we would love to have her over another night if she could stomach all of us again.

Other than that, I couldn't stand her. Yep, some people just weren't made to get along.

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