Monday, November 05, 2007

And The Pie Plate Goes To...

All right, Interwebs...  It's time for the results to my giveaway for that fabulous pie plate along with the top secret recipe for the Diner's apple pie.  I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway and ask y'all to stop back in for a visit and a cup of coffee any time you'd like.  I'm open 24/7.  That's dedication just for you.  Now doesn't that make you feel special?

Research Randomizer Results

1 Set of 1 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 186 -- Unsorted

Job Status:
Set #1:

That means that Alaina from Reflective Ponderings is the winner. Congrats Alaina!  Send me your address, and I'll get your prize right out to you... just in time for Thanksgiving.  (And remember to keep that recipe our little secret!)


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