Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here's A Deal You Don't Want To Pass Up

It's all about high tech ads to pull you into a deal.  Just look at what I received in my inbox this past week.  And no, I did not alter it in any of it other than the email.  I'm telling you, they're pulling out all the stops. 


I am Mr Bimbo the loan offer of this company.I am a loan lender that give out loan to those that are in need of financial help.We do all kind of loan you are interested about,personal loan,business loan and any other type of loan of your choice that you about to apply for.So if you know that you are in need of loan you can apply now because this maybe an end to your Via

I await respond.

Best Regard,

Mr Bimbo.

I love the name choice.  Mr. Bimbo... now that's going to instill some confidence.  Notice the grammatical and spacing infractions.   That tells me that some highly educated individuals are in the making of this business.

No thanks Mr. Bimbo.  I think I'll pass on this fine offer.  You can just keep awaiting respond.

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