Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway - It's In The Bag

In case this is your first time at Shalee's Diner, let me share a few things about it first.  
Hi.  My name is Shalee and I'll be your server today.  As you can see from the profile, this place proudly serves "the same slop everyday."  From book reviews to life with kids to the occasional insight to God/grace/forgiveness/faith (usually by means of some stupid thing that Shalee has done) to the joys of marriage to ways to get an IT person to laugh and then actually fix your problem, it all gets served with a smile.
And, of course, being a diner, there's always pie. Because coffee and pie were just meant to be together.  Kind of like Mr. Right and me, but with whipped cream.  
Okay, okay... I know you're sitting there saying, "Just get on with the giveaway already!  There's other prizes to win out there with my name on it, so let's just move along..."
My giveaway is from Bath and Body Works.  It's a beautiful, fun tote that just screams "Spring!  Wherefor art thou, Spring?!  I am ready for someone to fill me with a book, a snack and all the other mommy junk that cannot be left behind so that we can sit in the sun and relish the rays!"
Let's let the beautiful and talented The Girl model it for you.

See?  Isn't she a beaut?  The bag's not bad either.  

Ummm, I have her enrolled in Big Mama's Fashion Fridays, but so far, the advice hasn't took... Poor girl, she's just like her mother...
(The Boy wanted to model it too, but Mr. Right said no.  I think he's realizing that the picture could come back to haunt him some day... oh around high school.)
Inside is a zipped pocket for all the candy bars that you don't want your kids to see.  On the other side are pockets - one perfect for a cell and the other one is perfect for your keys so you won't have to dig around for days looking for them at the bottom of the tote.  They thought of everything...
So if you want the tote, please leave a comment telling me three things you'll put in the tote.  I'll leave the drawing open until 11:59 PM Saturday, February 2nd.  Please make sure that I have some way to reach you if you're the winner - blog address, email, smoke signals... something that will let you know that the bag is yours.  If I can't reach you easily, I'll have the random number generator pick someone else, so please don't let stop you from winning.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 3rd sometime between church and the Super Bowl - but not after.  I'll be too busy watching the last game of the season.  (sniff)  But I have to say this now:  Go Giants!

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