Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not-So-Perfect Timing

Having a hormonal daughter aligned with a hormonal mother may just mean that we’re going to have fireworks a time or twenty-two… Poor Mr. Right. He’s going to be there to witness it all. Or maybe not. Maybe he’ll think that having Guy Time with The Boy would be perfect right about now.

Until 2015.

It's not even bad right now, but from all that I hear and all that I remember, it's going to come, no matter how good/sweet/gentle of a person she is. It’s the patience that I’m going to need that gets me to thinking. If you’re gonna pray for my sanity, please pray for that. I’m going to need all the serenity and fortitude that I can get, not to mention healing for my tongue for all the times I'm going to bite it in hopes of an showing love.

What can I do that will help The Girl and me with our tidal waves of emotions? Along with patience, I could use some wisdom from experience too. Think back to your adolescence. What happened that was a comfort to you? What do you wish could have happened to make this transition easier for you? What did you do as a parent that worked wonders with your pubescent children? What would you change if you had that chance again?

Spill it, people! I need help, one blogger to another.

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