Monday, March 31, 2008

Sakes Alive - I'm Ready for Monday

We had one of those weekends what was so busy that it's kind of a relief to get to Monday! I'm tired, I'm sore and I'm poorer than I was on Friday, but I'm glad to be breathing.

Friday night the kids and I watched Bee Movie. It was cute and I really do recommend it, but I didn't think it was as funny as all the actors did. (Well, Patrick Warburton's character really made me laugh, but that's because he's Patrick Warburton. I'd like to have that guy for a best friend because he could say "pea soup" and I'd find something about which to chuckle.) Mr. Right stayed downstairs to take in some more March Madness.

Saturday was a race from the get-go. We had a Pancake Breakfast at our church to meet the new Youth Minister and his family, who will be arriving from Stillwater, OK in June. They seem like really nice people. When wearing my Shantih jersey (from my college days), he stopped me and said, "Did you go to Harding?" As it turns out, he was at Harding the same year that Mr. Right was there. (He didn't stay, but really, I can't say much because I didn't either. I moved to be close to Mr. Right. But just for the record, I would have stayed if it weren't for that whole love thing we had going on.)

Next stop, I needed to pick up a gift for a friend's birthday party that night. She was turning 40, so I wanted to get her something I thought she would enjoy. We headed to a bookstore, of course. So naturally we spent an hour's time perusing the store. By the time I left, the quick $10 gift turned into $30. We got something for everyone, even if Mr. Right doesn't know what his something is yet. (tee hee)

We ran to grab some sales at the grocery store and eat lunch, but then it was off to Skate City for the LTC (Leadership Training in Christ) wrap-up party. I wasn't planning on skating, but what do you say when your girl looks at you with sweet eyes and begs you and her daddy to skate with her? So we went skating as a family. For two hours straight. With lots of other kids. And it was totally worth it. It was worth it for the shear joy of watching others fall on their tushes and for the rockin' music. (But I didn't. I was too smooth of a skater for that.) We laughed, had fun, exercised and did the Chicken Dance. What could be better? Oh and we found out that they do a Retro Skate Night. We'll be partaking of the skating to the 80's soon, I can assure you of that! I keep forgetting how much I enjoy going around and around in that rink, gliding along to all sorts of music. It's a great way to get the body moving and to hold hands with ever family member at some point!

Next up was the LTC Awards ceremony. It was wonderful to find out how all the kids did in their events. The Girl received gold metals in 5 events, silver in one and a bronze in another. (When she started to comment on the bronze, I just reminded her that she totally earned it because really, she just slapped something together. If I were judging that event, I would have given her a "Participant" level. the bronze started looking pretty good to her after that. Hey, maybe she'll try harder next year. (I don't fall into the "But my child is perfect and deserves a gold for breathing!" mothering category. She'll never try harder unless she accepts the consequences for her laziness is the way I see it. I did, however, give her a gold in Signing for the Deaf - yes, we judged her because we didn't teach her. She didn't do it perfectly, but she did really well. She forgot to do a small part of her introduction, but after that she aced the signing fluently. Oh and there were a total of three judges. One of the judges gave her a gold as well, but her father (!) gave her a silver. Hmph. who's the tough parent now.)

After all that, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the birthday party. I was really glad we didn't bow out. For some reason, out of the 30 people who said they were coming, only about 10 showed up. I felt so badly for our friend, but she didn't care. She said that all she wanted was a small gathering of friends to celebrate with her and to play some games. So we did. And my team totally got our trash hauled out to the curb by the other team. That Laura. she totally wailed at Taboo. (Jenni, in case you didn't hear, your team won by a landslide!)

What did we do after the party and getting the kids to bed? More March Madness, of course! (Well, I read and then went to bed.)

Sunday, we woke to The Boy having a good cough. No fever or anything, just a good, nonstop cough. We medicated him, when to church and then found that the medicine didn't do a thing for him. One person came up to Mr. Right and suggested that we get him to a doctor right away. Y'all, it's a cough. I think it's allergies, really. We'll see how it goes before I shell out good money just to hear, "It's a cough. It will pass." We kept the boy home after church. He said he was tired, but he couldn't sleep. So he rested for the afternoon. We gave him some Children's Nyquil and that helped him sleep last night.

As a last minute date which started around 9 PM, Mr. Right and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. We loved it. I don't know what all the booing was about it when it came out. It was fluid with the other movies, and it was full of wit, action and had a great ending to each of the story lines. We've learned to forward to the end of the credits because often directors will slip in some additional closure that the audience will miss if they turn it off at the credits. We were glad we did this time as there was a sweet little nugget at the end.

So that's my weekend. That's why I was really glad to have Monday roll around. Maybe I'll actually get some rest now that I'm here. What about you? Were you sad to see the weekend end or were you like me - ready to get back on schedule?

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