Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Reason French Fries Aren't Good For You

The other day I made a run to a store that was having a "sale" on carpet.  

Yes, we're still working on our basement from last July.  I'd like to say that it's due to contractors or something beyond our control that is keeping the basement from being finished, but really, it's all us.  We decided to do the basement ourselves since we needed a new roof too.  The money we saved doing it ourselves paid for more than half the roof.  Bonus!  (But we didn't do that ourselves.  We may be frugal, but we're don't have a death sentence...)
Anyway, I had to go check out this "sale" over my lunch break.  The store was about 20 minutes away, and of course, I got to the store and realized that it was all baloney.  They weren't having a sale at all.  They just wanted to get me in the store.  Bah!  I figured that I would head to the bathroom and leave.
By this time I was hungry.  I knew that I should go back to work and eat the food I had brought from home, but the entire time I was walking through the store, I kept thinking about McDonald's french fries.  They were calling my name.  Maybe I could have stop and grab some of them on the way back to work.  I mean I haven't had them in a LONG time and they sound so perfect.  If I had to make a wasted trip to this store, I should at least come away with some golden, hot, delicious strips of potatoes...
And then I found myself standing in the men's restroom.  With a man.  Who was using the facilities.
My eyes were as big as pancakes and you can rest assure that my Opera Voice came into play again.  "Ooooooh Myyy Gooooooooodneeeeeeess!"
I ran from the men's restroom and hid out in the women's for an extra eternity or so.  Then I booked it out to the car when I thought the coast was clear.  
And you can bet that I did go get my french fries - extra large - because if I'm going to suffer that embarrassment, I'm at least going to make it worthwhile.

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