Tuesday, February 05, 2008

WFMW - Online Shopping

Well, I must be frank.  No, I'm Shalee being frank, but not in a transvestite sense either...

I very much dislike shopping.  I'm such the atypical girl.  I love having new things and girly stuff, but I want someone to either give it to me or to do all the mix and matching for me.  I'm a real go-getter, aren't I? I don't even have the patience to look at things online...  after a while, my eye starts to twitch and my pulse races, not in a good way.

And the retail prices!  Sheeze Louise, how can people pay what is charged at the mall?  I've have so many other things on which I would prefer to spend that money - like groceries or a date night with Mr. Right.

But now and then, I need to find a particular item fast, and I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it.  So I head to Amazon.  That's where I not only find great deals, I can locate hard to find items as well.

For example, my favorite cookbook, Betty Crocker Old Fashioned Cookbook, has been out of print forever.  About two years ago, I spilt something that appears to have contained industrial glue or liquid sugar in it, all over the book.  Oh what a sad discover I had when I found that I couldn't separate some pages.

I've looked for a replacement since then, and lo and behold, one day I found three of them on Amazon.  Woo hoo!  Life is good again.

I also found the perfect Valentine's gift.  It's something that I know my entire family will love and find funny at the same time.  Plus, I'll be introducing a certain fine culture to my kids as well.  I can't say because Mr. Right reads the blog.  I've kept it a secret for a month now, and I don't want to botch it this close to Valentine's Day.

There are a few times I actually have to make a purchase online and when I do, I always check to see if there are codes that will give me a savings.  So before you press buy, take a few minutes to Google "(name of store) online codes".  You will be thankful that you did.

When buying Christmas presents for my boss this year, I talked him into digital photo frames for the ladies, mainly because I did NOT want what he was originally getting for everyone.  So I found the best deal at Target.com, did a search for Target online codes, and saved 10% on the entire purchase, which for him was around $100 dollars.  Not only did I save the company money, I made myself look good for taking the extra initiative to find a deal.

And that, my friends, may make me some more money in the long run come evaluation time.

Head on over to Shannon's place for some more ideas on online shopping.  I'm sure those other  entries will have way more fantastic ideas than this non-shopaholic.

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