Thursday, January 31, 2008

Speaking Out for She Speaks

I cannot tell you why I started Shalee’s Diner. It actually was a misunderstanding from the start.

All I wanted to do was leave a comment on Antique Mommy’s blog. That’s it. But being a novice at all things blogging, I did not realize that she had hers set to “No anonymous comments,” and eventually I wound up, unbeknownst to me, creating a blog just to say, “You crack me up!” or something equally riveting or intelligent.

(But God knows why.)

I cannot pull out detailed charts explaining a defined plan for the future of Shalee’s Diner. I don’t really have a description that even accurately describes this place I call home. Some days I have funny stories about marriage or life. Some stories are frustrations or moments of stupidity (mostly on my part). Some posts are about the wonders or dumbstruck moments that come with having children. Some days are tidbits of insight that God has let me glimpse when I least expect it, either through His Word, a life lesson or a friend. Some stories are about how God has hit me over the head with a 2x4 to say “I’m in control here. Your job is to breathe.” And yet, other stories are just about things that make the essence of life – like pies and really good books.

(But God has a plan.)

What I can say is that, for some reason, God has increased my desire to be in the blogosphere, writing for others and writing for myself, getting to know those who are in this mysteriously inviting place. He’s made me want to know people who are thousands of miles away and others who are next door. Oh the comradarie, the encouragement, the wisdom from others, the humor of you funny people! 

I’m becoming increasingly aware that though we are not all the same, we are all His. None are perfect, yet we all have been deemed worthy of being loved and to love. What I thought I knew so resolutely, God is softening my stubbornness into an open, receiving, teachable heart. As I let Him, I’m finding more and more of His wisdom and how little I know about so many things. These last two items, my friends, are very good things.

(God can reach even the likes of me.)

For these reasons, I ask to be selected for the scholarship that Lysa TerKeurst at Proverbs 31 Ministries is giving away for the She Speaks Conference in Concord, North Carolina on June 20-22. In attending this life-changing, information-filled, three day conference, I hope to learn how to better express in writing what is on my heart (no matter the subject), how to become a better spokesperson for God - in my successes and (more likely) my struggles and how to be able to spin a yarn and have readers say, “Yeah, I get that. Boy, do I hear you, sister!”  

And if truth be told, I also want to go so that I can make faces at Shannon, Big Mama and BooMama while they’re trying to be all business-like and serious as the Blog Speakers.  Well, Shannon will be all businessy, but I think my showing up will give Melanie and Sophie a real, live example of "What Not To Wear... Or Do With Your Hair".  Heck, a run to Steinmart might even be in order once they get a good glimpse of me.

Getting them to crack a smile while talking to the crowd, now that would be like icing on this God-filled cake.  

Another reason I hope to be selected is that I'd like to bring my daughter for the Next Generation sessions of She Speaks Conference. The Girl is such a great example of “love with skin on” and has such a God-loving heart. For her to have these most excellent sessions so early in life (sessions that will encourage her, help her introduce Jesus to her friends and become comfortable/able to stand up for her beliefs that go against the norm) would be a gift that will keep on giving in the years to come. As a mom, I can think of no better thing for a daughter to learn, other than the true meaning of grace.

And lastly, to prove that I am in need of writing help, I can't think of a great way to wrap up this post.  Surely listening at the feet of others with a bit more experience will keep these moments in check...  well, mostly anyway.  

I'm just asking for help here, not a miracle.  But I'd take one of those too.

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