Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Deck the Halls, or the Tree (but not each other)

We have a system when we trim the tree. Here is the exact order in which it must be done, or else all that is chaotic and unjust in the world will be let loose, and then who knows what will happen next.

1. Mr. Right works to get the lights on the tree. We have a deal. He does all the stringing and I do all the holding and walking around the tree with the lights, and no one cusses or gets hurt. (By no one, I mean me.)

2. I unpack all the ornaments, while the daughter is reprimanding the son for breathing on any of them. ("No! They are very fragile!" says she.) She is ready to tackle him for encroachment.

3. I remind the daughter that she is not The Mom.

4. Daughter continues to watch her brother very carefully, biting tongue when desiring to rebuke brother. Thankfully, brother is clueless about said sister's attitude.

5. Ornaments are hung all over the tree, except the ones the son hung. They all seem to belong on the same branch - right next to the ones he hung previously.

6. I distract the son while rearranging the 29 ornaments on the now breaking limb.

7. We sit in front of the tree, admiring our handy work, talking about how lucky we are to be able to do this simple (or not so simple) task as a family.

I love Christmas!

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