Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Not All About Style

Sometimes, being mom is all about comfort, not style.

Boomama had her little say about why she is against the late 8O's coming back. She figures that she lived it once and that was enough. Personally, I could go either way with it. I loved my high school years, so that may have something to do with not minding the memories that will come flooding back at the sight of skinny jeans, doubled shirts and hair so sprayed that heat from a candle could ignite into great balls of fire. I still love the music, the movies (even though I watch some of them now and roll my eyes at them) and the there was always Moonlighting of course. (They just don't make shows like they used to...) I may even have some items at the back of my closet that I could pull out to sport again. (Just kidding. Just kidding.) At least it got rid of bell bottoms.

When viewing her comments on that great post, I saw this video and I totally admit to stealing it. If you want a good laugh, watch it. I think you'll appreciate the humor of being "MOM" in all her glory.

Now what did I do with those oversized shirts and friendship bracelets? I've got to have some freeze spray around here somewhere... Oh, and I'm definitely wearing my sunglasses at night!

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