Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love In The Time Of Cholera Colds

The girl stayed home yesterday.  She awoke with a 100.6 fever and she had chills that were multipying...  I told her to shape up, but she just stared at me, slightly glassy-eyed.  

After dosing her with dry toast, a large glass of water and some ibuprofen, she seemed to be better.  You know what she's hoping will happen, don't you?  She has to be back at school for "The Big Handout '08".  She's so ready to pass those little papers with cute dogs and cats on them to her friend.  I'm pretty sure she's thinking that she won't get any if she's not there, too.
She recounted that she missed school the two days before Thanksgiving, she was sick after Christmas and if she's not better by tomorrow, she'll miss out on Valentine's.  Holidays don't fair well for her; however, let the record show that she was right as rain on New Year's Eve/Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Groundhog Day.  And she has a good chance of feeling great by President's Day!

Mr. Right and I tag-teamed today.  He stayed home for half a day in the morning; I wisely took the afternoon shift.  Why wisely?  Oh, because I totally missed out on the traffic coming home and I had the wherewithal to stop by our favorite Chinese restaurant for our traditional sickday fare: hot and sour soup.  And since I was there, I had to get something for me too, right?  Well, I did.  So there.  And I even shared it with Mr. Right.  So we fed three people for the price of one.

With The Girl down for a second nap, I spent my time wisely around the house.  I cleaned out The Boy's closet, cleaned out the game cabinet, dusted (YUCK!), recycled papers and tossed out more junk, compiled more for the donation pile, cleaned up the basement and talked to Jeana.  I always love doing that last one.  I know!  We talked on the phone and I liked it!  Will wonders never cease?

Suffice to say, I kicked cleaning-house tushy today.  It's not completely ready, but we're a lot closer now.
The Boy had a friend come over after school because his parents were going to be at their other son's basketball game.  Ten minutes after the game started, she called to say that her son broke his leg and could I keep him for a while.  Of course I said of course.  But I have to tell you... Five hours with this boy is enough!  I know this next bit was on accident, but he put a huge scrape in my wood floor. Did I mention that WE'RE SELLING THE HOUSE?! He's loud, he doesn't have great manners and he's DRIVING ME CRAZY!   Oh, and he's still here.  I'm wondering if his parents took off for Toledo or something...

Thank you.  I feel better now.

The Girl hit the hay around 7:30, after a warm up in the bath.  She was slightly shivering by the time she got in bed, so I treated her to a warm cocoon.  Do you know that is?  It's where you get your kid all tucked in and then you run a blowdryer under the covers so that it's nice and toasty warm.  Pretty soon her shivers disappeared and a smile replaced them.  Oh, how I love that sweet smile.

With no other fever throughout the day, The Girl is hoping to score big at school tomorrow.  Lord willing, she'll sleep the sleep of the healthy and tired.  And all will be back to normal - whatever that is.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  If I had enough valentines, I'd stuff one into each of your handmade boxes.  But since I don't, maybe this one will tell you how I feel about you instead.

Click here for your special valentine, Valentines!

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