Monday, December 03, 2007

Tis The Season To Spread Some Humor

It's been too long since I last posted about my dealings with IT - too, too long. I have to make sure that we're keeping our IT department in business, so I too do my part to give them things to do.

Last week, out of the blue, I could not get my Calendar in Outlook to work properly. It would open so that I could view it, but I could not open a new or previously created appointment. When you're the conference call organizer and the RVP Executive Assistant, this exemption potentially could lead to some trouble on my end.  
Everyone knows that I can get into enough trouble on my own; I don't need any additional help.

So I did what any good worker bee would do; I passed it on to others who have the know-how to fix it. Only I did it in my own special way - as usual.

Problem Description - [(Shalee) -- 11/29/07 10:57 AM]

Not only is it not sending me my reminders, when I try to open the Calendar, it shuts itself down quicker than a typical man in an emotional conversation. Basically, it's turning its back on me and ignoring my requests of opening previously scheduled appointments, and it refuses to make itself available when I need it.

Hmph. I'm so not letting it get on or past first base when it's acting like this. And they say women are moody...

Can you please talk some sense into the Calendar and make it do my bidding? Because really, I am the Queen and I prefer that the Calendar remember just who is in control.

I'm happy to say that I've had several immediate calls in regards to this work request - all from men. My favorite response came from the our regional IT guy who called me from his doctor's office. He had taken time off to have something looked at when my request came over the wire. He had to call me to tell me that he was laughing so hard his sides hurt. He just wanted to be the first to respond. (He wasn't, the slacker!)

My second favorite response was from our IT guy's boss who works across the country from me. There's no telling how he saw it, but he singled me out to make sure that someone was on my request.  

Hey, maybe I am the Queen after all.

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