Thursday, June 08, 2006

TT 9

For those of you who didn't/couldn't hear my audio blog from Saturday, the Lord has graciously found a way for me to get around daycare this summer because really, we just could not afford it. And He started the plan for it all several years ago. Here's how:

In His divine wisdom, which is perfect as we all know, He knocked enough sense into my brother to lead him into marrying one of the world's greatest women, who happened to be one of by closest friends. One of the best attributes about Gina is the fact that family means something to her. She longs to have all her family know all the other family members and she will go to great lengths to see that it is done, even though we all live several hundreds of miles apart.

So this summer she asked for my kids to come down and to visit for a couple of weeks. In Florida. To have lots of fun in the sun and with the cousins, aunts and uncles and the grandparents.

So now I give you the 13 reasons I wish I was my kid this summer.

  1. Being with Aunt Gina, eating popcorn and playing farkle
  2. Beach... nuff said.
  3. Playing with all my cousins
  4. Eating Grandma's food
  5. Staying up late
  6. Watching great movies with the group
  7. Shopping for fun stuff
  8. Grandma's birthday parties even if it's not my birthday
  9. Swimming in the pool
  10. Time to read, play or to complain about being bored
  11. Fresh seafood
  12. Not having to paint the dining room

And the 13th reason for being my kid this summer...

Not having to look at this All. Summer. Long.

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