Monday, March 19, 2007

God Moments

Oh what a tired Monday morning this is for me. I could hardly sleep a wink this weekend... :)

To give you a few details about the kids' trip to Grandma's World of FUN, we met my parents-in-awe halfway on Thursday night so that the kids can get spoiled for about 10 days at the grandparents' house. Our only request to Grandma was to see that the kids make it to bed at a normal bedtime a couple days before we get them back to ease their re-entry state into reality.

In an effort to rid ourselves of debt more quickly, we are putting our house on the market in April. Therefore, Mr. Right and I have decided to use this time ever so wisely. During our offsprings' absences over Spring Break, Mr. Right and I are working like crazy to get as much stuff done to the house as possible while no kids are underfoot, asking questions, arguing over whose turn it is to use the computer or wanting trivialities such as dinner. I would tell you that I even have put off reading for a while, but you know that that would be a lie. I've already started on my Spring Reading Thing 2007 list (which I'll be posting on Wednesday).

Friday, as soon as I was home from work, we started in on "the list." We've gone pretty much non-stop since then. We've spackled; sanded; painted; primed exterior trim; tore off wood-rotted trim (exterior of house); cut wood (by hand - we really need to purchase a circular saw); replaced trim; caulked it; painted it; took 7 trips to Walmart for things we needed; purged both of the kid's room; straightened closets and ran a load to Goodwill. And we have so much left to do...

Now don't worry that we're all work and no play. On Friday, we decided to celebrate our independence with a dinner at Shogun Japanese Restaurant - a teppanyaki/sushi bar that we discovered last year. When we walked into the restaurant, Mr. Right the sushi lover was debating as to which he would order, but our Entertainment coupon made that decision for us - "Sushi excluded" was in the fine print. Bummer for him. But he made the best of it by ordering teriyaki salmon and shrimp while I, the adventurous one, ordered the teriyaki steak and chicken combo. I live on the edge, can you not tell? We had a great time and were able to get home early enough to still have energy to spare... *Ahem*

God moment #1: The couple across from us were debating about an order from the sushi menu. They whispered and were reserved and asked no questions, but they placed an order with a very helpful and friendly waitress. Five minutes later, their Califonia rolls were set before them. The couple put their heads together and started pointing and staring at the food. Mr. Right leaned over to me and said jokingly, "Their complaining about their food not being cooked!" When the waitress came by, the couple complained about the order because they thought they were ordering egg rolls! We laughed at Mr. Right calling that one correctly. The waitress took the food away, but then she came back out and said to us, "I noticed you were looking at them; if you would like them, I'll bring them to you. No cost. But if you want to try them, you may." So Mr. Right had a small sushi fix, I tried a piece (delicious!) and we thanked God for his blessing of providing an extra.

God moment #2: We worked all day Saturday; I awoke before 6 AM, and I hit the ground running. (That "sleeping in" thing was really for Mr. Right's benefit. It's really rare for me to sleep late. However, I let him sleep until 9 AM and then it was work, work, work!) We had a wonderful friend come over to help us and to show us how to replace the exterior trim properly. (Thank you Mike!) Near the end of the day, Mr. Right had plans for us to attend a St. Patty's Day Festival for our enjoyment and relaxing end to the day. And y'all I totally blew it. I just told Mr. Right that I didn't think I could do it. And then I was on the verge of tears for being the partypooper. But Mr. Right, in all his love and understanding, cared for me anyway, knew I was just crabby, hungry and tired and took me out for some great butter burgers (oh, they must serve those in heaven!), coffee from Beanology and returned home for some one "on" one time. *Ahem again* The God moment? The fact that Mr. Right altered his plans for the evening seemlessly, and he stayed awake for a movie after the *Ahem again* time. A miracle I tell you!

God moment #3: When returning home after church, Mr. Right mentioned that we forgot to go by Home Depot to pick up a 2x4 that we needed to complete the exterior trim job. (We had to nail some wood into the roof so that Mr. Right wouldn't fall off the steep pitch of the roof as he was working on the trim.) As I was talking about needed to pick up a caulk gun as well as the 2x4 when we go by Home Depot, I spotted four old 2x4s sitting in a ditch on the side of the road. I quickly asked Mr. Right to turn onto the street which was about a 50 feet away and as he stopped, I told him that the Lord had provided what we needed. He ran back and picked up a couple of the pieces. Free stuff always works for me! As we were heading home again, Mr. Right said, "Maybe we should ask for God to help you see a caulk gun on the side of the road too..." I love that man's sense of humor!

God moment #4: I realized yesterday afternoon that I couldn't find my wallet. I had no idea where I could have left it either. I prayed throughout the day for God to open my eyes to where I could have put/left it and to help me to not fret about it. Last night he directed me straight to it. God is sooo good!

God moment #5: One of my coworkers occasionally reads my blog. When he read in an archived post that I usually spend all my gift cards on the family, he sent me a Bath and Body Works gift certificate with instructions that I was only to use it on myself. What a wonderful gesture and an unexpected blessing! Thanks Nate - and I'll follow your instructions to a "T"!

So you can see that our weekend has be packed to the brim with all sorts of activities - some tedious, some tiring, some fun, but all blessed by God. And really, I couldn't ask for a better weekend.

And Beth, in answer to your question as to when the "I miss you" calls might have started? 30 minutes after we left them. I couldn't help but call to tell them that I missed them - the car was entirely too quiet already.

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