Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heard In the Past Week...

Before the real post for today, I want to thank whoever put my "Lost and Found" entry on the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas' Pimp a Post Carnival, a carnival dedicated to bringing more traffic to post that you thinks others should be read. That was a very unexpected, kind and lovely surprise.


"Just a few more minutes to read... PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" - said by the girl when told it was time to turn off her light.


"I don't want to go to Grandma's!!!" - said by the boy in a fake crying sort of way when he knew it would draw a laugh from me as we where walking to Grandma's car.


"What's your blog address?" asked by the girl who was over at a friend's house in Nebraska. Unfortunately she asked for it on Friday, the day I posted about enjoying life without the kids... Hopefully she'll know that we really enjoy life with them too.


"Hey, tell Mr. Right to be careful around the house. We don't need anymore stories about him." - said by a friend who knows Mr. Right too well.


"Shalee: You're a mess." - said by a different friend who know me too well.


(conversation between Mr. Right and me on Saturday)

Me: I'm sorry I'm such a jerk sometimes.

Mr. Right: It's okay.

Me: (Pause) You know, you didn't have to agree with that statement so quickly. You could have said that you're not really a jerk or something like that.

Mr. Right: Well sometimes you are a jerk, but I still love you.

Me: (Pause) Sometimes this honesty thing sucks.


"Are these REAL biscuits?! And REAL sausage gravy! Oh man... this is going to be good." - said by a friend who came over for a breakfast dinner. He was helping us fix the ceiling in the garage, so he deserved a dinner where I pulled out all the stops!


On Wednesday night, late night mind you, when the kids were supposedly asleep:

The girl outside our door: Why's Dad making that noise?

(The mood was pregnant with wonder, embarrassment and pause.)

Me: Ummm, you're Dad's just being silly. It's late - you're supposed to be asleep. Now go to bed!

The girl, mumbling as she walks away: Oooookay. But it's awfully late for him to be silly...

Me, to Mr. Right: I thought they were asleep!

Mr. Right: Me too! Oh man... we were caught in the act.

Me: But that's so funny. You know it's going on the blog!

Mr. Right: (staring at me) I'm going to start a blog just to record all your embarrassing times too.

Note to Mr. Right: Unfortunately for you, there's not enough web space in the world to note all my embarrassing moments and fortunately for me, I know that you don't have the time to get them down. Whew - one area of discomfiture deterred! Don't worry. I'll make up for it somewhere else.

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